Lord Lovat’s Lament – The Big Music Society featuring Murray Henderson – Live at Cottiers


The Big Music Society performed live at Cottiers Theatre in Glasgow on 13 August 2015 as part of the Piping Live! festival. As part of their series of new arrangements of piobaireachd, they invited world-renowned piobaireachd master Murray Henderson to join them, along with a string quartet comprising James Lindsay, Susan Appelbe, Megan Henderson and Mharie Mackinnon.

The Big Music Society’s Calum MacCrimmon and John Mulhearn invited TRADtv to film the concert.

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15 Responses to "Lord Lovat’s Lament – The Big Music Society featuring Murray Henderson – Live at Cottiers"
  1. So moving, the great beauty of the ceol mhor, the mix with the strings is marvelous
    Well done

  2. I have no idea what song this is, but it is NOT “Lord Lovat’s Lament.” There are several versions of LLL on this website played by major military pipe bands as well as smaller contingents and this melody sounds nothing like them.

  3. Wonderful – demonstrates the huge potential for the highland bagpipes to collaborate exquisitely with other instruments…

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