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Songwriter James Yorkston (guitar, nyckelharpa, voice), jazz musician Jon Thorne (double bass, voice) and eighth generation sarangi player and vocalist Suhail Yusuf Khan met by chance backstage in 2015, and have been playing together since.

The trio’s musical explorations are well-informed by their rich musical heritage but never reverential, preferring to run with an energy and fun that pushes them to new ground. YTK have toured substantially across Europe and India, and, as both the jazz and the Indian classical music worlds are renowned for their improvisation, it’s no surprise that they continue to tease the set structures of their material throughout, leaving every performance fresh and inspired. 

Their 2020 UK album tour was almost complete by mid-March, however some dates as well as festivals dates have been rescheduled into summer 2021 (June to September inclusive). The band now plan on increasing the number of dates during this period, and are also scheduling autumn 2021 and spring/summer 2022.