Guest Blog: David Francis (TMF) on Scots Leid Policie

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Musician and Coordinator at the Traditional Music Forum, David Francis writes here (in Scots) about the recent Creative Scotland policy to ensure the Scots language is recognised, valued and used throughout the country…

We’re usually sweir to check Creative Scotland whan it decrees that this ane suld get the siller while this ither ane suldna. Gin you’re no privy to aa the details it’s best to say nocht. Houever, whan it’s a maitter o strategy raither than tactical decisions then it micht be worth a thocht or twa.

Last year Creative Scotland lenchit its new ‘Scots Leid Policie’ that ettles to tak on braw aims lik ‘uphaud the staunin o Scots alangside Gaelic an English’ an ‘we will push forrit the value o oor hame culture sic as Gaelic an Scots’. An forbye they say ‘we tak tent that the Scots language is an innermaist pairt o Scotland’s identitie an culture’. Scots is on the up ae nou, wi a regular column in ane o the daily papers, an the sellt oot concert at Celtic Connections whaur ane o oor best makars owerset Joni Mitchell’s ‘Hejira’, ruisit by aa that saw it, bein jist twa examples. Thon bein the case we’d lik to see a wheen mair projects wi the Scots leid at their hert kythet on the lists o them as has got siller frae oor fundin body.

There’s nae culture (in its braidest sense) withoot leid. Creative Scotland maun spier itsel aboot the border atween arts an culture on the ae haun an the relationship atween policie an strategy on tither. Richt hauns an left hauns an aa that.

David Francis

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