Rachel Hair Trio perform Tobar nan Cean / Kitty Gordon’s live at the A Club

TRADtv was invited to film a selection of gigs from the A Club at the beautiful Merchant’s Hall in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in August 2016.

This set is called Tobar nan Cean / Kitty Gordon’s (trad / trad) and includes some Scots-Irish tunes, with a Scottish strathspey from the Captain Simon Fraser collection and a county Donegal version of the Scottish reel Miss Katty Gordon of Earlston. From the album “Trì” available from http://www.rachelhair.com.

The series was programmed by Cooperage Connections, promoted by ADM Events and presented by Arbikie. A selection of the trad and folk gigs were captured by TRADtv. Live sound was by Alasdair Kampff.

The Rachel Hair Trio features Rachel Hair on harp, Jenn Butterworth on guitar and vocals and Cameron Maxwell on double bass. Find out more about the band at http://www.rachelhair.com.

Learn more about the A Club at Merchant’s Hall at http://www.www.admevents.co.uk/aclub.

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