Local Ceilidh Trail performing live at Eden Court for the Fèis Rois Ceilidh Trail Finale

Fèis Rois commissioned TRADtv to film and live stream (thanks to the team from Inner Ear) the Ceilidh Trail 2017 finale concert from Eden Court in Inverness on Saturday 12 August.

This is the Local Ceilidh Trail: Kim Maclennan, Duncan Macleod, Ross Macleod, Sean Clark and Molly Richard.

The concert featured young musicians from the Local Ceilidh Trail, the National Ceilidh Trail and special guests HECLA and Charlie Grey & Joseph Peach plus an ensemble piece at the end to go out in style. You can watch all of the sessions here on TRADtv. The evening was hosted by Anna Massie (often featured on TRADtv in acts like Mairearad & Anna and Blazin’ Fiddles).

Taking place from 17 July to 12 August, the Ceilidh Trail provides visitors to Scotland with the opportunity to experience authentic traditional Scottish music in a wide range of settings. Each year Fèis Rois invites people from all over the world to come and join them for a ceilidh dance in a village hall, a concert at a historic site, or a performance in one of Scotland’s leading theatres. You will hear beautifully crafted songs in both the Gaelic and Scots languages and lively folk tunes played on fiddles, accordions and other traditional musical instruments.

Find out more about the Ceilidh Trail, and all of Fèis Rois’s work on their website: http://feisrois.org.uk.

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