The Mad Ferret Band — Full Live Performance (Eastgate Theatre – Peebles)

Hailing from Perth, explosive contemporary Scottish folk duo The Mad Ferret Band rock a full set of traditional tunes and their own original songs. TRADtv had the pleasure of filming this rowdy full set, as the pair rocked the Eastgate Theatre for

Track listing:
Track 1: Nancy Whisky (Trad.)
Track 2: Ramblin’ Rover (Andy M. Stewart)
Track 3: Brenda Stubbords Reel & Tam Lim (Glasgow Reel) (Trad.)
Track 4: Gaelic Air (Trad.)
Track 5: Galway Shawl (Trad.)
Track 6: Jasmina’s Küchen (The Mad Ferret Band)

To find out more about The Mad Ferret Band, support their music and see their upcoming tour dates, visit:

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TRADtv had the pleasure of filming this and many other fantastic live acts as part of The Visit 2023, held at venues across Perth and Peebles in April 2023.

The Visit, from Showcase Scotland Expo, showcases contemporary traditional music, folk music, roots music, Celtic music, Gaelic music and Gaelic song and acoustic music from Scotland, Ireland and other Celtic areas of Europe. Find out more about The Visit, and the participating artists including contact details for booking at:…




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