Katie ‘The Wheeled Piper’ Interview Feature — Piping Live! 2023

Carnoustie born Katie (AKA – ‘The Wheeled Piper’) has been on a unique and challenging journey to make it to Glasgow’s 2023 Piping Live Festival. Despite being a full-time wheelchair user, suffering from chronic pain, scoliosis and arthritis, none of this has stopped Katie in her remarkable progress as a teenage bagpiper. The young musician took part in various events and performances throughout this year’s festival and was even headed up the legendary 2023 Big Band parade as Piping Live! festivities got underway. Katie spent the week charming audiences across the city with her undeniable charisma and fantastic playing, gaining a new international fanbase through the celebratory events.

TRADtv presenter Hugh W Deery was lucky enough to catch a wee chat with Katie as she performed live on Glasgow’s Buchanan Street, in the heart of the world famous Piping Live! Festival.

Find out more about Katie, her journey, and support her music, visit: https://www.facebook.com/thewheeledpiper

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