Breabach perform Mo Thruaighe Leir thu Ille Bhuidhe live at Paisley Arts Centre


Renowned Scottish five piece folk band Breabach perform an old Scottish Gaelic song titled Mo Thruaighe Leir thu Ille Bhuidhe live at Paisley Arts Centre. Breabach is made up of some of the countries finest traditional musicians, Calum MacCrimmon on pipes and flute, Megan Henderson on fiddle, Ewan Robertson on guitar, James Duncan MacKenzie on pipes and flute and James Lindsay on double bass. Find out more about this much celebrated outfit at

In April 2017 TRADtv teamed up with Showcase Scotland Expo to capture exclusive performances at The Visit showcasing event. We filmed live traditional music sessions in Paisley (in Paisley Town Hall, Paisley Abbey and Paisley Arts Centre) and Stirling (in The Tolbooth).

The Showcase Scotland Expo team take delegates from North America to different parts of the country to soak up the history and culture and enjoy showcase performances by a selection of the most exciting contemporary traditional music artists in distinct and special venues.

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The Visit is supported by Creative Scotland, Paisley 2021 and TRADtv.

TRADtv is proud to support Paisley’s bid for UK City of Culture 2021.

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2 Responses to "Breabach perform Mo Thruaighe Leir thu Ille Bhuidhe live at Paisley Arts Centre"
  1. As usual, very nice performance! And have you noticed that the Irish always seem to seek refuge to the east, on the more attractive island of Scotland (usually somewhere between Aberdeen and Dover)? Not the other way around? Just speculation, mind you. And superior malt. Maybe…

  2. The music of Scotland and Ireland was there long, long before my consciousness awakened. And now that my beard is grey, it still exists, as young and beautiful as before! The sound of whistles, fiddles and pipes has grown so close to my heart. It has accompanied me all my life like a beautiful, bright undertone. I’m looking forward to seeing Breabach next week in Berlin! ❤️

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