Welcome to TradTV

TradTV is a new venture in bringing traditional Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic arts together in one place, responsive to the communities and audiences involved in the proliferation of these cultures.

The newly launched web TV channel works to bring you a choice selection of traditional Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic culture including some of the best piping, fiddle, ceilidh and ensemble music the world has to offer. We travel all over Scotland, and beyond, to bring a selection of the best music and arts. Our programmes include live streamed events, interviews, documentaries and features.

Our team is passionate and dedicated to bringing the unseen elements, events and artists involved in traditional Celtic culture to a global audience, in celebration of the thriving scene we enjoy not only here in Scotland, but all over the world.

We want to know what you would like to see on the TradTV channel, so please get in touch at anytime, we’d love to hear your thoughts and input.

Trad TV is brought to you by Inner Ear.




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